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Multi-Hop SSH Tunnel from one host via another

It’s simple in its basic form!

$ ssh -L <local_port>:<host2>:<host2_port> -N <username>@<host1>

This sets up an SSH tunnel from the machine you are at to HOST 2 via HOST 1.

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Downgrade 1T Apple Time Capsule from 7.4.2 to 7.3.2 firmware

Well, after upgrading to 7.4.2 firmware of my 1T Time Capsule and realized it sucks (our Windows XP machine gets dropped connections all the time, the MacBook stays up a bit better but very frequent drops there too), I was looking for the old 7.3.2 firmware, but Apple in their infinite wisdom has removed the possibility to download this firmware form their 7.3.2 download page, I finally found this link:

on this:

page, and concluded that it works for the Time Capsule also even though it is mainly the AirPort Extreme 802.11n Base Station that is discussed on the page.

If they end up removing that one to, feel free to contact me (by leaving a comment here) to get hold of the 7.3.2.basebinary.

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iTunes db on NAS – no end of pain!

So, being a very happy Apple customer it saddens me to no end, the problems I have with iTunes and having its database on my Apple Time Capsule (NAS).

Having a Macbook Pro I’m sorta limited on disk space so I don’t wanna have all my music and podcasts and iTunes University stuff (there’s some GREAT stuff on iTunes University, check it out, and it’s free!) on my Macbook disk so I thought “Well, why not just put it all on my Time Capsule, lots of space there, all Apple stuff too so it should work fine!”…. and there it began, my “no end of pain”.

I did the transfer of the data completely according to the book and I have everything the way Apple wants it (synch db, copy imports, manage names, etc) but the bastard just keeps mucking up the whole frikking time!!! :(

It looses the network connection for a moment and then suddenly iTunes decides that my whole library is GONE, “Wooops, better silently change the iTunes directory to the default Music folder”…. Unaware that iTunes made this clever move, I innocently want to sync my iPhone, because that is what we responsible users do, iTunes then goes… “Wow, he seems to have empty his whole library, and since we are sync’ed I’d better wipe his whole iPhone without asking first”…. NO, NO, NO YOU BASTARD!!!

So painstakingly I put it all back, which takes hours, but then all my data that I have put in my Apps are…wait for it… wait for it…. GONE!!!! AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! THIS IS NOT HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE!!!

Not only is there the above problem, additionally it starts adding any stuff to this “new” iTunes folder which it silently changed to which I have to fiddle over to the correct place later on when I realize what has happened. And every time I change back it has to “Check my iTunes library” which takes forever, THEN it asks me to “Update all the frikking songnames and whatever frikkin else” so it loops over all my stuff and “changes” it to the correct names, which I have already told it to do 70 times, so they bloody well should be correct by now… SIGH!

The best way I have found of preventing this STUPID silent moving of the iTunes folder is to create a write protected link in the Music folder to the correct place on my Time Capsule, then at least I find out about it and can prevent it from happening, then it usually reports something along the lines that my iTunes folder is write protected and gives up… HA!!! GOT YA!!! :P

My latest hoe is that it hangs when i sync my iPhone, it does all its stuff and then when you figure it is finished, it just hangs on “Syncing iPhone”… buhuuuu!

Apple! Fix! Now! This is not funny anymore, it wasn’t even funny from the start and it is beneath you!!

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Uppdaterat WP

Nu har jag äntligen uppdaterat Word Press på siten så att jag ska kunna blogga från min underbara iPhone.