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iExplorer is great!

Of some stupid reason all of my contacts on my old iPhone was not synched to my computer or iCloud but of course I backed up the old iPhone before wiping it so I had a new backup. With iExplorer ( I could easily extract my contacts from the backup and sync them to my new iPhone and iCloud! Thanks Macroplat for a great product!


Some Comments on the Turtle Beach PX5 wireless headphones


I wanted a set of wireless headphones for work which where Bluetooth capable (to connect to my iPhone) to listen to music when working in an open landscape, which I find distracting when people are talking all around.

The Good:

The mic. allows for handling calls without having to switch headsets.

Quite light with a nice build feel to them eventhough they are a bit “plastic”.

Good Bluetooth performance, no problems connecting/reconnecting to the iPhone.

The not soo good:

The builtin equalizer presets does not apply when listening to music over Bluetooth.

No Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), which means you have to fiddle with the phone to change tracks, pause/play and not through controls on the headset.

Audio leakage, I find that they leak fairly much risking to disturb your landscape neighbours.

Sometimes there are some initial audio drop-outs which seem to be Bluetooth connection “stabilizing”, but after a few seconds it is up and running and there are no further problems.

No re-chargable batteries.


The PX5 is clearly marketed as “Gamer Headsets”, for which I think alot of my issues are non-issues. In retrospect the PX5 was not perfectly suited for my use-case.


A case of superior customer service!

The most amazing thing just happened, last year I bought the very nice Etymotic HF3 headphones, excellent sound and good features, only one downside, they broke… That is usually a major hazzle, so I have been procastinating about it for a while, but yesterday I finally decided to take the bull by the horns and I called Apple. After three minutes (literally), it was settled. Some minutes later I got a mail with the return number for the old headphones. Today my replacement headphones arrived!! Amazing, the replacements are here the day after I reported it!! If this is representative for their customer care, I understand why Apple is rocketing past M$!!

An interesting and commendable note is that the important thing for them was not to get the broken ones back and then send me a new pair, the most important was to get me the the replacements and then worry about getting the broken ones back! Thats the way to get returning customers!


iPhone 3GS Personal Hotspot to iPad 2

Just wanted to confirm that Personal Hotspot does work on the iPhone 3GS and it is indeed possible to pair it with my iPad 2 WiFi only!! Yay!!

It requires iOS4.3.

One “funny” thing is that I had updated my iPhone 3GS to 4.3 but there where no “Personal Hotspot” available in the Settings. It turns out that I had to reset my network settings, AND to use the “correct” reset button.

For me it did NOT help by using the “Reset” under Settings->General->Network>Cellular Data Network->Reset Settings”.

But when I used the General->Reset->Reset Network Settings, the iPhone 3GS rebooted and at restart the Personal Hotspot was indeed available under Settings->General->Network !

On the iPhone 3GS the Personal Hotspot uses Bluetooth and does not use WiFi sharing as in the iPhone 4. So you will have to activate Bluetooth on both devices and pair them to get it to work.